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You can upgrade to the Pro version to unlock speech-to-text, notes, and remove ads.

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If you want the familiarity of Voice Memos but with a bit more ease of saving and sharing recordings especially to Windows and Android , you should try Voice Recorder. The app is designed for quickly recording your own thoughts but you can use it for longform voice recording as well. As the name suggests, the point of the app is to let you start recording as quickly and easily as possible. You can edit this text and send it to your favorite note-taking app as well. But you can change that behavior from the settings.

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In the settings menu, you can also change the input device, the file type no MP3 support here , the sample rate, and more. Smart Record is an all-in-one voice recording app. You can use it as a simple voice recorder, as a transcription service How to Transcribe Audio to Text for Free How to Transcribe Audio to Text for Free You might think you don't have a need for a transcribing tool if you aren't a journalist, lawyer, or medical professional, but you'd be surprised.

7 Best Voice Recorder Apps For iPhone And iPad

Read More , or as a call recorder. The voice recorder functionality is free; everything else requires a paid upgrade. It also looks great on the iPhone X. Feature-wise, the app lets you take notes and add markers, and makes it easy to share the audio. Smart Record Free. Ferrite puts a professional-grade audio recording and editing studio in your pocket. Just like the Voice Memos app, you tap on the record button to get started. Ferrite has smart tools to automatically remove silence from the track and a range of controls for manually mixing the track.

9 Voice-Recorder Apps That Won't Miss a Second |

That means you can start recording a memo instantly from your lock screen with a widget in Notification Center, with a hard-press on the icon from your home screen, or right from an Apple Watch. This alone is well worth the price if you make a lot of voice memos and have no interest in manually organizing them. The only feature Just Press Record is missing compared to other options is editing features. This might be deal breaker for anyone hoping to organize files in a specific way.

2. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

In fact, Voice Memos is great for most people. With it, you can quickly record memos, trim them down with the lightweight editor, and catalog them however you see fit. I upgraded to the paid version and thought it was a true bargain. I've paid for other recording apps and quit using them because this app is the best.

Best Audio Recorder Apps for iPhone & iPad

I just needed to be able to record language words to try to improve, but I wanted to be able to trim and equalize them so they would sound okay. This app allows that! Lots of editing capability. And they say it has iTunes sharing! My main reasons for buying this app were: I bought it, and so far, so good!

1. Voice Record Pro

Seems perfect! Oh, and I just found out that in the lovely list of activities that you can perform, you can rearrange them so that the things you need are at the top, in the order you want. Just slide 'em up or down - very cool! So nice to find an app that is so fully featured, and doesn't make you guess what it can do! It's wonderful and fast to have the list with actual words.

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No guesswork, you don't have to be psychic - just go to work, and do it well. Rare to be able to do so much, so well, in an iOS app!!! The app is great.. It would be great if it can record without showing that it is recording for those important moments in life that needs to be recorded without others around knowing that you are because it shows on Apple Watch or iPhone screen.

This would be a great spy feature on this app and also on Apple Watch if it could record simultaneously without others knowing. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad Apple Watch.

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